Individual and Family Therapy

If this is your first time considering therapy you may not know what to expect or how therapy can help. Some people think that therapy is just talking about your problems, but it is much more than that. As a therapist, I listen intently as my clients share their thoughts, concerns, feelings and beliefs about their problem. Then I help them prioritize and set goals to focus the work, and identify and apply solutions that make sense for them. This process may be brief, as few as one or two sessions, or may take months, depending on the severity of the problem. Some of the ways I can help as a therapist include:

Overcome stress and achieve balance between time, tasks and enjoying life.

Manage and thrive in life transitions, such as leaving home, starting or ending a relationship, starting or ending a career, moving, having children, launching children, retirement, illness, caring for family.

Coping and integrating the experiences of grief, loss, and bereavement.

Premarital counseling or marital checkups (Prepare and Enrich Assessment Provider)

Managing symptoms of mood disorders or anxiety, and learning about triggers that may worsen your symptoms.

Understand and overcome fears, insecurities and self-destructive habits.

Improve relationships with significant others, family, friends and colleagues.

Create a plan to manage crises.

Make sense of past experiences, learn coping skills and manage related symptoms

Establish a healthy, stable routine and habits to improve overall functioning and life satisfaction.

I welcome your call to further discuss my approach as a therapist and answer any questions you may have.

Rates: Psychotherapy (for clients 12 Years old and over): $100.00 for the first 90 min. assessment session and $85.00 for subsequent 55 min. sessions.

I do not take insurance except for Beacon Health Options, but I will provide clients with the necessary information if they want to file on their own with their insurance company. I am a provider for Military One Source Employee Assistance Programs.

Please view this video to learn more about Marriage and Family Therapy: